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Vontra creates a safer environment for all your healthcare employees with complete, NIST tested panic button protection.

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Violence in healthcare is a big problem

Nurses who report assault or abuse
Nurses who report feeling unsafe at work
Up to
The cost of replacing a single nurse

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Vontra's panic button solutions offer complete, manageable protection with an easy-to-use portal to view and configure your entire deployment anytime, including detailed analytics. Custom panic button deployments provide the flexibility you need to protect all potential soft areas within your organization.


Panic buttons for desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones & wearables


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Unprecedented, NIST-tested panic button technology

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Home healthcare home-healthcare

While Sophia is caring for her patient, he resists treatment and begins threatening her. She effortlessly activates her one-touch smartphone panic button without needing to unlock her phone.

Behavioral healthcare behavioral-healthcare

Sarah feels threatened by an emotionally unstable, physically aggressive patient. She quickly and discreetly double clicks the bluetooth panic button attached to her lanyard and help arrives rapidly.

Exam rooms exam-rooms

Derrick's patient is misunderstanding a diagnosis and begins hitting things in the exam room. A quick double click of the task-tray icon on his laptop brings security forces in to de-escalate the situtation.

Emergency rooms emergency-rooms

After hearing unsetting news about his sister, an irate man advances toward Isabella. She prompty hits 2-keys on her computer to discreetly signal for assistance.

Reception areas reception-areas

Bella is approached by an angry patient who feels he's been waiting too long. She secretly clicks the wireless button hidden beneath her desk which activates her computer and sends for help.

Parking garages parking-garages

While checking updated hospital resources in the mobile app, Jen notices a man rapidly approaching her. She instantly signals for help with the panic button in the mobile app.

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Mission Health
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Unprecedented, NIST-tested technology

Location matters, and every Vontra panic button is equipped with NIST-tested technology that can pinpoint any activation down to the floor and room number. And the best part is that no additional hardware is required. Read the official NIST report.


NIST-tested location technology far exceeds FCC vertical and horizontal location requirements through the year 2021.


NIST-tested location accuracy to be just as good in a 100-story building.


NIST-tested location technology uses your existing WiFi Access Points. No additional, expensive beacon installations required.

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Liability reduction through reduced response times

Reduced response times after implementation of over 100,000 of our panic buttons in a healthcare setting

With comprehensive Vontra panic button coverage, not only will your employees feel safer (a major contributing factor to increasing job performance and preventing high turnover), but your response workflows will be optimized... allowing at-risk employees to receive a quicker response. Just look at the numbers from one of our client's deployment of over 100,000 panic buttons...

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