The story of Vontra

After the death of my niece at the hands of a terrorist bomb in 1988, my life changed in ways I didn't even fully realize until many years later. I started my career as a police officer nearly three decades ago… and when cell phones and mobile devices became popular, I started to see just how limited emergency communications technology was when it came to locating them. Eventually, I decided to combine my law enforcement background and computer programming skills to create 911Cellular, a company dedicated to providing the highest quality technology and support with emergency communications software.

Since then, the healthcare industry has been in dire need of effective solutions to reduce the widespread violence carried out by patients against employees. This devastating challenge is substantially far reaching, and the utilization of a single piece of technology is in no way capable of eliminating the issue altogether. The solution must be comprehensive and cohesive.

Vontra, powered by 911Cellular technology, was created to become that comprehensive solution. I have personally overseen this panic button technology as it is carefully engineered and implemented at various hospital systems nationwide. It gives me great pride in knowing there is significant data highlighting the reduction of response times at these locations since mass deployment of our solutions. It is my personal goal that Vontra's panic button solutions assist hospital systems everywhere as they continue to save lives while mitigating substantial financial risk factors.

Vontra's headquarters,
located in Cleveland, Ohio
Chad Salahshour

Chad Salahshour

Chief Executive Officer

Our values



We work to develop and leverage the latest technology so that you can elevate your safety solutions to become unparellelled in employee protection and risk mitigation. Despite our unprecedented technological achievements, we don't rest on our laurels. We're always looking for new and better ways to make life easier for your healthcare organization.



Stagnant technologies and rigid workflows can drastically reduce revenue for businesses and hospital systems, especially during times of rapid change. We value providing a system that changes as you do, with flexible and fast implementation that can work alongside your current solutions.



Safety solutions need to perform reliably. People's lives depend on it! So we provide panic button technology independently tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST found our panic button location accuracy to far exceed FCC requirements through the year 2021.