Accessible, discreet bluetooth panic buttons

Bluetooth panic buttons are designed to be the quickest possible way to signal for help in a healthcare setting. Multiple activation pairing options bring unprecedented versatility to your deployment.

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The quickest way to call for help

When your employees need help fast, they’re not always going to have direct access to their smartphone or a computer. In these scenarios, bluetooth panic buttons are necessary for undeniably fast and discreet panic button activation.


Pairs with your computers, tablets and smartphones


Attaches underneath tables, desks, stands or to clothing, lanyards, keychain


Quick activation that helps prevent false alarms


Battery conservation engineered to last years, not months


Send check-in requests to unresponsive or low battery devices

Protect your entire staff with one solution

Home healthcare

Melissa is visiting a patient for the first time. The patient starts using abusive speech and Melissa feels unsafe. She quickly double clicks the panic button on her lanyard, sending an alert to safety forces.

Reception areas

Bella is approached by an angry patient who feels he’s been waiting too long. She secretly double clicks the wireless button hidden beneath her desk which activates her computer and sends for help.

Parking garages

Chuck has just finished a shift and is walking to his car. He notices someone following him at every turn. Chuck discreetly double clicks the panic button he has attached to his shirt

A physical panic button you can count on


Click twice to get help

A quick double click of the bluetooth panic button will signal your employee’s paired device and immediately notify safety forces, 3-color LED indicators inform each user of pairing status, activation and battery life while the soft-touch surface material helps calm users during times of stress.


Information delivered to the right people

When a bluetooth panic button activated, important information is sent to your assigned team members who can respond the quickest. Security personnel, or anyone assigned, will then receive an SMS or phone call when an incident occurs in their area. The information they receive will include an accurate location.


Long-range bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology with twice the normal bluetooth connectivity range so your employees never have to worry about being too far away from their device.


Small and discreet

8.5mm tall and 30mm in diameter, it’s the perfect size for being discreet while still being attachable to clothing and surroundings.


Long-lasting battery

Replaceable battery with up to 36 months of battery life. Don’t be fooled by other bluetooth buttons that drain battery within months or even weeks.


Check-in with your buttons

See lists of your bluetooth panic buttons in the web portal and send check-in requests to unresponsive or low battery devices.

Integration for complete coverage

Designed to be paired with smartphones, tablets and computers, the bluetooth panic button pairs seamlessly with these devices while providing a quick, discreet activation option for any vulnerable healthcare employee.

Bluetooth panic buttons provide full-circle protection of your entire staff, as their versatility and small size allow your employees to call for help without needing to directly engage with their other devices (which may arouse suspicion).


Proud partners

Kaiser Permanente
Cleveland Clinic
Mission Health
University Hospitals
Southwest General

Saving lives, reducing risk


Our NIST-tested location technology is built directly into your panic button solutions and works to simultaneously protect your staff while reducing your organizations liability. It does this by reducing response times after an activation has occurred.

Your bluetooth panic button users can often be on the move within your healthcare facilities. They can be within multi-story buildings, within a parking garage or just outside your facilities in open spaces. Vontra’s location technology can locate a panic button activation down to the floor and room number, even if the person who activated it is on the move.

This livesaving, risk reduction technology has been proven to be extremely valuable for our healthcare partners.


Liability reduction through reduced response times

Reduced response times after implementation of over 100,000 of our panic buttons in a healthcare setting

With comprehensive Vontra panic button coverage, not only will your employees feel safer (a major contributing factor to increasing job performance and preventing high turnover), but your response workflows will be optimized... allowing at-risk employees to receive a quicker response. Just look at the numbers from one of our client's deployment of over 100,000 panic buttons...

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