Flexible computer panic button software

Customize your deployment of multi-platform computer panic button software to protect all of your healthcare system’s vulnerable areas, providing a proven, feature-rich safety solution.

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Heavy-hitting coverage, light on its feet

With NIST-tested panic button technology and no additional hardware required, it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to protect your staff while effortlessly managing your deployment.


Panic button activations can trigger nearby security camera feeds


No hardware makes installing, testing and managing a breeze


Directly and discreetly informs nearby response teams with location of activations


Coverage for multiple operating systems on desktops, laptops and tablets


A deployment plan customized for your needs with mass deploy options

Teaming up with your security cameras


When delivering difficult news…

Isabella just gave some difficult news to the brother of a car accident victim. As he advances toward her, she quickly activates her computer panic button and key information is sent to the security team. A nearby camera’s live feed is also displayed, which gives the security team vital information as the scene of the incident begins moving down the corridor.

Record every angle

You already have solutions in place to help your employees when they need assistance, so why not utilize them to their full potential? Our computer panic buttons can instantly send live security footage from nearby cameras to your security team, showing them all possible angles of the live incident. As an additional option, you can even choose to display video from the activation device’s integrated webcam.


Cloud-based software, no more headaches

Why gamble with inefficient and costly hard-wired panic buttons when you can install, test, and mange your entire deployment effortlessly with cloud-based solutions? Software updates are implemented automatically on all devices and you can view the location, build version and last check-in time of each individual panic button you’ve deployed.

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Information delivered to those who can help


When a computer panic button is activated, it’s imperative that the right information is sent to the team members who can respond the quickest. That’s why we give you the ability to assign location-specific response team members. Security personnel, or anyone assigned, can then receive an SMS or phone call when an incident occurs in their area. The information they receive will include an accurate location (and track the location if the device is on the move).

What type of incident is it?

Your staff can easily activate your computer panic buttons in one of two ways:


configurable keystrokes



double click task tray icon


Configurable post-activation

After activation, you have the option to display multiple incident types to the employee, allowing them to provide further information by selecting what kind of incident they’re experiencing. These optional incident type tiles will give your security team more specific information to help them respond accordingly. Of course, if your employee is unable to take further action due to the nature of the emergency, security will still be notified.

For a more visually discreet activation (ideal for monitors that can be seen by patients), you can easily remove these post-activation options so that no suspicion is raised.

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Integration made easy


We take complete coverage seriously. That means our computer panic buttons can integrate seamlessly with both your current solutions and our other offerings.

Bluetooth panic buttons and computer panic buttons team up wonderfully in reception areas and exam rooms by allowing staff members to hide the activation point under a table or desk. Other offerings even allow for the ability to communicate to computer panic button users via screen takeover alerts when mass communication is ideal.


A stunningly simple command center


Vontra's expertly designed web portal gives you everything you need to deploy, manage and optimize your solutions effectively. The helpful onboarding wizard walks you through each step of setting up your products… while detailed analytics reports help you to make well-informed decisions quickly.

You can even create special emergency response teams. These team members will be notified directly if a panic button is activated in close proximity.

A deployment plan meant for you


Experienced enterprise deployment

Our computer panic buttons have been implemented for enterprise-level deployment plans in numbers exceeding well over 100,000 buttons. We know that each healthcare system has it’s own needs, but if you need large-scale safety integration with efficient workflows, we have both the tools and the experience to make it happen. Utilize your current MSI deployment techniques for quick, mass rollout of our revolutionary computer panic button software.


Self-assist or expert-assist… your choice

Need help setting things up? Our expertly designed web portal is there to guide you through the configuration process. Feel you need more customized deployment? No problem. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and can work with you to assess your healthcare system’s current future safety solutions.

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Proud partners

Kaiser Permanente
Cleveland Clinic
Mission Health
University Hospitals
Southwest General

Saving lives, reducing risk


Our NIST-tested location technology is built directly into your panic button solutions and works to simultaneously protect your staff while reducing your organizations liability. It does this by reducing response times after an activation has occurred.

Your computer panic button users can be on the move within your healthcare facilities if they’re using laptops or tablets. Vontra’s location technology can locate a panic button activation down to the floor and even room number, even if the person who activated it is on the move.

This livesaving, risk reduction technology has been proven to be extremely valuable for our healthcare partners.


Liability reduction through reduced response times

Reduced response times after implementation of over 100,000 of our panic buttons in a healthcare setting

With comprehensive Vontra panic button coverage, not only will your employees feel safer (a major contributing factor to increasing job performance and preventing high turnover), but your response workflows will be optimized... allowing at-risk employees to receive a quicker response. Just look at the numbers from one of our client's deployment of over 100,000 panic buttons...

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