A mobile safety app just for your needs

The Vontra mobile safety app keeps your healthcare employees safe proactively and reactively, while also providing additional, optional layers of convenience and safety.

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Your staff is always protected

With NIST-tested panic button technology and multiple activation options, your staff can easily request assistance quickly and discreetly using the mobile safety app.


Panic button activation without even unlocking their smartphone


Bluetooth Panic Button integration for even faster activation options


Directly & discreetly informs nearby response teams with location of activation


Available on Android and iOS devices


Can be more than just a panic button

You can optimize your app to fit exactly what your organization needs with additional features that can be toggled on or off anytime. You don't need to wait for the changes either… features can be added, deleted, moved around, renamed and more… all within the easy-to-use web portal.


Submit tip

Healthcare employees can submit tips directly to your safety forces or other departments you select. Photos and videos can be attached and a chat can be started to learn more on the spot.


Safety Timer

The Safety Timer can be set before walking to the car at night or before other dangerous activities. When the timer expires, emergency contacts are notified.



Your employees can access important hospital documentation anytime, conveniently located in one place. These can include emergency procedures, calendars, newsletters and more.


Safety Map

Show pertinent locations on a map that can be seen by your app users. These can include defibrillators or other medical equipment. Can also work for temporary locations.



Want unlimited flexibility? Make it happen by creating features that link directly to important webpages or call specific numbers. There's no limit to the amount of features you can provide.

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Proactive safety measures


Tip submission

Your healthcare employees can work with you to point out potential security threats or general facility issues before they escalate into something more serious. These tips can be sent anonymously and can be configured to notify any recipient or department you choose, ensuring your workflows remain efficient when responding. Additionally, tip submitters can send photos or videos of the situation.

Engage in chat for more information

After a tip has been submitted, your safety forces can promptly respond via the web-based portal to obtain more information… or to simply confirm receipt of the tip.

Create an active safety network


Safety timer

Let your healthcare workers protect one another with the Safety Timer feature. A proactive network of employees, friends and family members can be alerted when an incident occurs, prompted by the timer’s expiration. User’s simply set the timer before potentially dangerous activities (such as entering high risk areas or night-time walks to the car) and if the timer expires before entering their PIN, their network is notified.

What their network sees

If a timer expires, that employee’s network (chosen by them) will receive a text indicating the employee’s location on a map. The map will update if the employee is on the move (until they enter their PIN to stop location tracking). Each person notified can then determine the best course of action, whether it be a call to the employee directly to confirm they need help… or directly call the employer or local authorities.


Consolidate your resource center


Hospital resources

Gather and organize unlimited resources for your employees that are accessible anytime from one place. Your resources section can include emergency procedures, calendars, shift schedules, newsletters, CEUs and more. Link directly to specific URLs or upload various file formats.

Coordinate instantly with your employees


Safety map

Help your entire community get familiar with current, key locations within your healthcare system. Simply add them to the Safety Map and they will be automatically shown to your entire user base. You can even add expiration times for temporary locations and color code location categories for each recognition.

Coordination that reduces risk

When locations are added, your app users can immediately spot them and view any additional information you’ve attributed. The ability to update locations quickly enables fast-acting coordination between you and your employees without wasting additional resources, which can be invaluable during times of crisis.


Make it yours

Above all else, we want to give you the app you're looking for… with nothing you're not. You can configure your app to provide the features that are important to your healthcare system at any given time… which means you can change it on the fly, with just a few clicks, and your entire community will see the changes in seconds.


Customize features

Add and remove features, change names, icons, and prioritize placement with just a few clicks.


White label

App integration allows you to funnel users from your currently utilized community apps.


App integration

Set-up wizard and helpful guides walk you through product configuration in minutes.

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A stunningly simple command center


Vontra's expertly designed web portal gives you everything you need to deploy, manage and optimize your solutions effectively. The helpful onboarding wizard walks you through each step of setting up your products… while detailed analytics reports help you to make well-informed decisions quickly.

You can even create special emergency response teams. These team members will be notified directly if a panic button is activated in close proximity.

Proud partners

Kaiser Permanente
Cleveland Clinic
Mission Health
University Hospitals
Southwest General

Saving lives, reducing risk


Our NIST-tested location technology is built directly into your panic button solutions and works to simultaneously protect your staff while reducing your organizations liability. It does this by reducing response times after an activation has occurred.

Your mobile safety app users are often on the move within your healthcare facilities. They can be within multi-story buildings, within a parking garage or just outside your facilities in open spaces. Vontra's location technology can locate a panic button activation down to the floor and room number, even if the person who activated it is on the move (tracking initiates during a panic, and stops after they've entered their secure PIN).

This livesaving, risk reduction technology has been proven to be extremely valuable for our healthcare partners.


Liability reduction through reduced response times

Reduced response times after implementation of over 100,000 of our panic buttons in a healthcare setting

With comprehensive Vontra panic button coverage, not only will your employees feel safer (a major contributing factor to increasing job performance and preventing high turnover), but your response workflows will be optimized... allowing at-risk employees to receive a quicker response. Just look at the numbers from one of our client's deployment of over 100,000 panic buttons...

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